Health & Nutrition

The Little House Next Door provides 3 snacks during the day. One served from 9-9:30 depending on the classroom. Mid-day snack comes after nap time, from 2:30-3 and because our little ones seem to be hungry all the time, we offer a later snack around 4:30-5… just enough to hold them over yet not ruin their dinner. The Little House Next Door participates in the Child Care Food Program and is proud to serve healthy snacks. 

Lunch is brought from home in a cooled lunch container properly labeled with the child’s name. Provide a healthy and well-balanced lunch and not too much. Children eat several times throughout the day, but usually not in great quantities. Examples are mini sandwiches, cheese and meat slices, pasta’s, crackers, cereal bars, raisins, dried fruits, small breadsticks, yogurt, fresh fruit, fruit juice, etc. 

Glass bottles or containers, fizzy drinks, hard candy, excessive sweets, chocolates, and chewing gum are not allowed. We also try to discourage nut products due to safety reasons as some children may have peanut allergies. 

We will list what allergies, dietary needs or cultural restrictions your little one has and be very sure to abide by them.

Child Care Food Program

  The Little House Next Door participates in the Florida Department of Health Child Care Food Program. The Objective of the Child Care Food Program is to make sure that nutritious meals and snacks are served and that good eating habits are taught in child care settings. 

Research shows that well-nourished children are healthier, more attentive, and have better mental performance than children who are under-nourished. Findings also indicate that children served by the Child Care Food Program (CCFP) eat healthier food than children who bring food from home. The CCFP helps child care facilities implement "best practices" to ensure children have access to a variety of nutritious foods for healthy growth and to reduce obesity risk.

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