Our Programs

Infants: 0-12 months


 The Little House Next Door monitors every aspect of an infant’s progress. Our teachers are aware of each developmental stage of infancy and those specific activities that are required to open the paths to learning. Fine motor skills are introduced through the simplest of methods such as having an infant reach and grasp a finger and close proximity play. Language and cognitive paths are addressed with continued verbal communication, reading and song. Social and emotional are experienced through a teachers care, love and nurturing and eventually we hit the major milestones of movement, play and mimicry right before that year old mark. It’s an awesome ride!


I would like to stress... that we here at The Little House Next Door are extremely passionate about infant care. An infant’s needs appear to be little, but in reality, there are so many interactions between a caring adult and a child that go well beyond the smiles and personal care. We are a Development Center and we are very proud of all the work we've done, we do and will do in the future for all those who pass our way.

Ones: 12-23 months


 The ones room is a favorite to all! These little students are off and running. They’ve begun to walk, taking them to all the lovely things they’ve wanted and couldn’t reach. This is where social interaction training and building relationships with peers begin. They will be introduced to many skills revolving around socializing. This is also where our teachers introduce and continue to teach the children colors, numbers, nature and language.    

Twos: 24-36 months


 A group of two year olds are very eager to learn!  They lack patience and want, want, want to experience every aspect of life right this very moment.   Our teachers create an educational environment that focuses on math, manipulatives for fine motor skills, and creative art with textures, colors and various mediums. We work with the subject of science and sensory, dramatic play to act out the roles and occupations of our world and blocks, transportation and our city to introduce building and thinking processes. 


And we would never forget one of the most important areas of each classroom, our reading centers. This is where a child of this age is grounded in their abilities in mastering language skills and a very enjoyable time for our teacher’s as well. 

Twos/Threes: 30-42 months


Upper twos and young threes are often an age range that is missed for its importance and specific needs. Along with a structured learning environment with the designated centers such as math, science, reading, blocks, creative arts, and dramatic play, this age group works more with writing and multi-step projects.


The twos and threes room within The Little House Next Door is a specific room for our children who are showing signs of independent capabilities along with showing an interest in using the restroom on their own.

During this period there is a huge leap between dependency and independence. A child must be allowed to gain competency in their attempts at doing things themselves so there is a delicate balance for a teacher and her student at this time. Achievements are accomplished through guidance and reassurances with successes seen as huge milestones. Our twos/threes room has a restroom within the room that has a small toilet, just the right size for our little ones and making this learning process much easier to accomplish. Yes, our twos/threes room is pretty awesome in its educational value along with its attention to the development of our little ones.  

Fours and VPK


 The Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) class is remarkable for so many reasons. First, the hours of operation for VPK are free! This is due to the State of Florida wanting to assist our families in educating our children. They are relying on a provider such as ourselves to use the appropriate curriculum, educated teachers and proven methods to teach our children the foundation of academics along with the structure and social skills needed for when they attend kindergarten. And this is what The Little House Next Door Child Development Center does and offers, along with so much more! 

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